13 novembre 2007

Scampoli di democrazia

Mentre in Italia siamo impegnati nelle affissioni di cartelli autostradali che segnalano il pericolo di proiettili vaganti, in Iraq sono alle prese con dinamitardi colonnelli della polizia [*reuters]:

The head of police intelligence in Iraq's Kerbala province has been detained after roadside bombs and other weapons were found in a raid on his house, a police spokesman said on Sunday. Kerbala is home to one of the holiest cities in Shi'ite Islam and where Shi'ite factions are struggling for dominance. The U.S. military transferred security responsibility for the province to Iraqi authorities late last month.

Kerbala police spokesman Rahman Emshawi said acting on a tip-off, a police rapid reaction force raided the home of Lieutenant-Colonel Hashem Chalub on Saturday night and seized a quantity of weapons and explosives. Chalub was later arrested at a restaurant and was now in police custody. A special committee, including representatives of the Ministry of Interior, had been set up to investigate the affair, Emshawi said.

É venuta in mente anche a voi l'*Operazione Parabellum?

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